Why as a people, do we not encourage this wide mind scope in everyone who show an interest in a multitude of things? Instead, we let those people flounder in doubt with thoughts about a lack of self-worth.
The Most Damaging Thing an Adult can do to a Dreamer
Chris Herd

In my mind the answer to this question is impulsive and intuitive: we’re a society that only works when things are efficient, scalability and mostly “clean”. We struggle with the challenge of managing outliers or handling edge cases.

We have a society that depends on the conformity of the majority and which use various institutions (political, religious or pop-culture ideologies) to maintain that status quo.

The hypocrisy of this is that we also depend on individual outliers to rebel, to break the “rules”, to innovate and help society make progress. But this opportunity is limited to only a handful because society’s structures can’t manage non-conformity en masse.