I want to work on these ideas because I want to. I am not going to place any judgment on how valuable they are or if they are worth doing at all. Most creators are fuelled by the innate urge to just simply create, but modern life has its own way of making us create according to the price tags the outcomes carry.
A year of making anything I want
Winnie Lim

This is where I wish I could sometimes augment my typical entrepreneurs’ brain by giving it more of an artist’s perspective.

I love to create too and the challenge of creating something new is a big reason of why I’m an entrepreneur. But herein lies my dichotomy, where I naturally gravitate to creating things that could potentially have monetary value (directly or indirectly, short-term or long-term), instead of merely creating for the sake of creating.

When I fantasise about being more of an artist, creating and sharing ideas without a monetary limitation or filter, my head & heart feels free.

Yet, when I wake up tomorrow morning, get to my computer, my to do list is exclusively items geared towards creating monetary value.

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