Clock and Gas Masks

Pripyat, Ukraine

Walking around the ghost town you are taken back in time. A time when this land was in the control of USSR.

The architecture of the buildings(or what is left of it), the items left lying around, the books, the newspapers, are all of an era past.

This town has had no inhabitants for the past 31 years.

This town is truly a place time forgot.

This is why I like this shot a lot.

The needle less clock represents just that. Time goes on. But in Pripyat, time has no value. No one to keep track of it. No one to adhere to it. Nature has taken over. Nature doesn’t need to track time.

The hanging gas masks represent the disaster. They were left behind by the firefighters and rescueworkers after the Blast at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant just a few kilometres away.

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