What is A Life?

A recent conversation with a good friend got me thinking.

“We don’t have a life.”

As teenagers, that saying was a staple in our lives. “We totally don’t have a life,” we’d say, sitting at McD while sipping our Cokes and munching on fries. We’d say it, laugh over it, and move on to some other inane stuff. It happens almost every time, in different settings, with different people.

Now that I’m an adult (eek!), I think, what exactly does a ‘life’ constitute? What needs to happen in life in order for us to think, we have a life?

I start counting off. Funky, loving family, check. Friends who, while not numerous in number, are as dear as family to me, check. Cats who nibble my ever-patient toes whenever they see my feet, check.

I socialise, both online and offline. I have a job that pays me on time. I have a comfortable home and enough amenities to prove that I am a modern suburban girl.

So why do I keep saying that I don’t have a life?

Is it because I don’t spend my time glued to the computer/TV/phone screen, hacking away at groaning bodies that demand my flesh? Is it because I am not in a club most nights, gyrating my not-so-fit self to music that makes my ears bleed? Is it because I don’t keep myself updated with the latest happenings in some famous person’s life that frankly, I couldn’t give two flying cats about? Is it because I am not jetsetting around the world, sampling exotic food and mixing with exotic people?

“What you may take for granted, I envy; what I may take for granted, you desire.”

It’s something that has been playing in my head multiple times now. I just had to let it out. But I digress.

When I think about it, really think about it, I do have a life. While it may not be as exciting as the lives of people we see on TV, it doesn’t matter. My life is mine to define and in the end, live.

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