The Sore Freedom


Written by: Mr. Adil.M.A.Alamin

 Captain Franz annoyed his wife much as he pushed the door violently, she turned, staring at her husband who came in as if he was pulling a heavy truck behind him. he looked depressed and frustrated, she stared at him with surprised while he was coming forward in a lazy way, sat on the table. The two children .Bobbi and Lula rushed from their room to greet him as usual, but he pushed them away in a very harsh manner. “It seems that it would be a serious matter, not an ordinary thing like his known feminine adventures” she murmured. The feeling of being guilty overwhelmed his pale face, drawing light lines around his closed mouth as if there was a sharp knife stabbed in his waist. He sat drinking some coffee and biting some pieces of cakes which his wife has put it in a mechanical way, while he was looking away avoiding looking at her and his two beautiful children. He was recalling the events that was passed an hour ago in Frankfurt Airport as if it was a movie tape “no one would know the truth at all, even his campaigns, Mark and .Harry never notice the incident” for they were involving to bind the slim hands victim against the plane seat, while he was pushing the metal hat on his head withhis left hand grasped him firmly with the right one on the neck to pass him away.They were in a great hurry, because they had a promise with the beautiful Ukrainian ladies. Franz sighed sorrowfully as he was recalling his disgraceful attitude. Even the victim with its slim body not lost the energy for withstanding any further. His soul passed as he was staring at him with amazement. Hot tears rolled down his face.Karin noticed it and realized that her husband was in great pain. He roused in a lazy manner leaving half of his coffee and breakfast unfinished and went towards the room, took off his clothes, and lay on the bed staring at his hand. “No one would know the truth at all or his atrocious deed”. Karin collected the basins from the plate, she noticed him staring on his hands with great interest, which aroused her apprehensions. The two children rose up to continue their cartoon film on the television. This is the beginning of her tragedy. Karin knew the Airport accident and the implication of her husband later on. Then strange things started to occur, horrible events, which turned their quiet family life to hell.

 In the following day, Karin woke early in the morning and went to the Parlor to paint her paintings as usual. She gave a cry of terror when she found her beautiful paintings on the wall changed to pictures of miserable, starving and homeless people of the African wars, which were broadcasted by the news agencies. Her cry woke the little family who hurried to see these terrible events. Similar events were occurred and followed. In the next day, the beautiful flowers had been disappeared from the vises and replaced by ugly thorny African plants. This time Karin heard avery mysterious sound repeating with a broken German language mixing with foreign accent. “We are poor peasants according to the norms of the Europeans world, but when I embrace my grandfather, I feel that I was rich, as if I were one of the turns of this rest Universe heart. My grandfather was not like a willow tree, with great shade, that nature endowed it with fertilized position. He similar to acacia tree in the north of Sudan, small leaves, sharp thorns, struggling death and never submit”. Karin collapsed on the seat and buried her face in her hands, the matter became unbearable, and obviously there would be a ghost, an African ghost chasing them. She tolerated all her husband’ mistakes which occurred in the past, in addition to his silly feminine adventures, but this time she would not be able to bear that her husband’s hands stained with blood of innocents. At last came that frightened event, she was putting make up on her face in front of the big mirror which on the bathroom. Suddenly the big mirror had disappeared and saw an extension of bared desert in front of her. She was very surprised as she was hearing the howling of the wind. Her feet began to sink in the hot sand. In the far distance, she saw a long line of camels marching, as if she was in front of a beautiful painting painted by a foreign Oriental’s. She screamed loudly, and hurried outside in the parlor. She pumped against her two frightened children who were crying. Obviously the ghost found his way to them. Last night it stayed singing all the time, shaking their beds violently when they started to sleep. Poor Karin realized that if she stayed here, definitely this would lead her to the world of madness.

 Franz came back, opened the door with fearful noise, which made him shudder. It was raining heavily outside; he entered the Parlor, hanged his umbrella and his hat on the wall, sat on the table and handled the cup. In this moment, the outer door opened violently and the place was overwhelmed by

purple lights. The wind started moaning and moving the curtains. Most of the

paintings were fallen down from the wall. His eyes were opened widely from fear as he heard the confident paces approached the door. Amir entered with his tall slim body, came in nearer to the table, in which Franz was sitting and seated himself in the opposite seat, staring with his dead eyes at Franz, who was frozen in his place by fear.

-”I am back Franz, why you don’t give me an opportunity to talk?! “ asked Amir .

- “We were doing our duty” replied Franz in a shameful manner mixing with lie. Amir looked at him scornfully.”Your duty is to deport the foreigners, not killing them”
 _ “I was not intending that”
 _”Shut up, the dead know the whole truth. I know that you have given a promise to the Ukrainian sluts, and you are going to meet them”
 Franz was shocked. Great grief was shown in his face. He felt that he was absolutely naked, in front of his previous victim.
 — “My good friend, the real free world is South Africa, The paradise of the black people” Amir repeats .

Franz’s face turned to blue as a result of anger and pain. He stared at the ghost with anger and disgust.

- “ be careful, I have ability to read your thoughts,haven’t I told you that dead people have the ability of reading the thoughts of others”. Replied the ghost.
 _”I don’t intend…” 
 Amir interrupted him continuing his speech “you are insulting me because I am black, but I have a white heart, quite the opposite, you are white but your heart is black”. Replied
 _ “You are causing me much pain with your speech”
 _”Yes, pain is the first stage of conscious. “ The ghost laughed his strange laughter ,which made Franz shudder and collapse under the pressure of this strange speech.He buried his face between his arms, and his body began to shake violently, repeating silently

  • -“Let me my friend tell you my story, then you know why I was struggling against to be back home. When there is democracy in my country. I didn’t think about leaving, but after the conflict of religious’ regime my life as a musician turn to be a hell, so I leave home county by the very difficult way. Through the Sahara by western train at first, then by trucks, but a desert storm lost our way to Libya. I felt a sleep and fall from the car . No one draw a attention .It is familiar there in our way we see many human skeletons still dressed their Sudanese flap closes(Galabia) flagging with the wind. We buried them and travel on. Now it seem to me that I will face the same destiny .I walk and walk under the hot sun on the burning sand for three days until I fed up of walking. I lay inside a dead camel skeleton and close my eyes, but suddenly I hear I stormy sound of hello copter. I open my eyes .I see two officers from Libya air force . They pick me up and carry me to their plane, then I faint .when I awake I find myself in the military camp south of Libya .They investigated me and decided to send me back to the hell that I am getting from, but sometimes life turn will . A kind man who bring food and goods to the camp see me. He listen to my story while I am helping him un loading his truck . He advise me to hide behind the empty sacks and boxes in his truck and I do so. After long journey to Tripoli I find myself in a new interval and den grouse too. It is the time to play the Death Boats Roll ate” succeed or dead”, but the boat delivers us to the coasts of Italy safely. In Napoli I met I man of fifth years old. He look so kind. He pick me by his car to his house. He is a lawyer too. He told me I will live with him until he can find my a refugee asylum. Living with him is more astonishing and curious .He is a strange man. He has a friend visits him at the weekends .They both dressed a women clothes and spend the night chatting in feminine style, dancing together and do adult things later .It doesn’t matter to me. They never evolve me in their rituals and privates . I only playing some classics with the piano for them and prepare their supper too. I need the legal residence for staple future and life, But the stupid fellows in the mosque nearby threaten me time after time , instigate me to kill my rich host and his friend and rub his house. I told them that I have come to Europe and leave stupid bearded idols like them behind , for one purpose only. It is to support my family in Sudan, not to kill anybody for any reason, but they turn a deaf ear and insult me several times .I lost my temper once , beat the Imam of the mosque toughly and broken his arm, so I have to escape from Italy to Germany by train for better chance, but my life is stopped by a German police officer who doesn’t understand what sore freedom is. Now you see . Behind every one comes from Africa is a tragic story, isn’t it?!.

-”Yes it is .I am so sorry, forgive me. “tomorrow I will go to church and confess to the priest about the wrong thing that I have done so that I may be forgiven, and get of this fearful nightmare”.
 Amir looked at him with pity.” This is the first step in the right direction. To confess that you are guilty is a virtue”. He followed
 “I was intended to tell you more details about my blind mother, retired father and nine brothers, but I am leaving now. Goodbye”.
 Franz raised his blue eyes which filled with tears and stared at Amir face which bore from expression. Amir got up and turned leaving the place, repeating his strange song*:
When every time you die
 Don’t ask me why
 I tell no lie
 There is a natural mystic
 Flowing through the air
 If you listen carefully 
 Then you will hear 
 When you feel guilty 
 Try to find the answer
 Don’t ask me why
 I tell no lie.

 He stopped near the gate where there were strong mysterious lights, then turned to the miserable man

  • “I forgive you, because there is no use of not forgiving.”
  • “Yes my brother . Life is not seem as it pretend. ”
  • “Do not drown in feeling of guilt. You can compensate it.”

He went out and closed the door behind . The strong mysterious lights vanished. The place turn in deep silence , expected from Franz breath which

comes up and down, it was raining outside and the darkness overwhelmed the place again. With intermittent flashing of lighting.

 In the morning after he confess in the church . Franz step out and drive his car slowly in the empty streets ,suddenly a running frightened man hit his car and fall down. Franz hold his gun and get out of his car and face three of skin headed men, holding chains and blades. He warn them, but they still drag towards him. He shoot at the ear of the biggest one. He yield of pain and they retreat and fled away. He return to the deeply injured man. He was an emigrant from Algeria. He call for the ambulance and wait beside him .Jamal the Algerian victim was taken to the hospital. Later his wife and his daughter were accompanied him . Franz follow the case of Jamal until he was recovered and have his refugee asylum.


The police station make a great festival to appreciate Franz for his heroic task , saving an emigrant from being killing by the skin headed men .Jamal had come in a weal chair with his wife and daughter to join the ball . Franz see his wife and children sitting cheerfully at the back. They came for retaining their life. They decided to live together in a new version or in other words “helping emigrants”.

The End


Based on true story of Mr. Amir Ahmed Ajeeb the Sudanese citizen who had been dead under deporting from Germany.

· The song of “natural mystic” by Bob Marley and the wailers