Storytelling Expectations Have Changed

I think millennial’s have different storytelling expectations than previous generations. Me being a millennial can say that times have change and we have different expectations when it comes to storytelling. Millennial’s like myself like stories to be short and to the point, I honestly believe quality over quantity is better when it comes to storytelling. Yeah all the extra details are nice but majority of the time we will just skip those parts of the story or not even read the story at all. Millennial’s are fast pace people and want things fast, which includes storytelling. We millennial’s also like visuals, we prefer to see the story than reading a huge long article. Back in the day they didn’t have social media or internet so it was easier for the older generations to read longer stories.

Stories I find appealing include ones that I can have feelings towards and ones I find that are out of the ordinary. My favorite stories are the ones that open your eyes and make you see what’s really going on around the world and ones that tell an empowering story. I especially love stories that talk about social justice issues. I recently came across this video on Facebook and what caught my eye was not only the title but the amount of views it had. I find a story appealing when it has a good picture, a good title and a lot of views. This story had all three and had a beautiful message behind it. The story it told was eye opening and had my emotions everywhere. We talked about tropes in class and this video used the reversal technique in where a story starts bad but ends good. In this story the little girls start cursing making it look bad but when the meaning of the story is told the story turns out good.

I think I like these particular stories because of my personality. I am a feminist and social justice lover and stories that are empowering or eye opening appeal to me which might not appeal to everyone. Companies and organizations should know that when it comes to capturing our attention they first need to have a good title and good headline. When they have a good headline and title you already have our attention. Now when it comes to the actual story make sure it is of good quality and gets straight to the point. Also make sure the story has a deeper meaning to it then just the words you write or say. Stories that can make readers and viewers interested are stories that make us millennial’s feel some type of way or make us see the world differently.

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