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Illogical projects, a few absurd people, redundant narratives and the never-ending supply of trolls and memes — over the past few years, the Cryptocurrency space has not for a moment failed to excite its many followers and workers.

In my four years working as a consultant and product manager in this field, I have had quite a few opportunities to work with business leaders, technologists, regulators, and of course shady customers (many of whom would want my head for creating this post) attempting to build that next big crypto-project.

Looking back at these interactions, and combining them with the many trolls, memes, and absurdities that are rife in crypto-media, with the realities of consensus algorithms, token economies, and the intricacies of business and regulatory landscapes that dictate the working of this ecosystem, I have observed a few strange patterns. …

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By now, the failure of 90% of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency projects is quite an openly discussed phenomenon. Projects that started out promising the creation of ‘new ecosystems,’trustless regimes’, and ‘tamper-proofy wonderlands’ have succumbed at the peak of inflated expectations, leaving a sour taste in the mouths of technologists, investors and enthusiasts alike. What is left are hundreds of ‘decentralized’ applications struggling to gain a sustainable user base, ‘powered’ by tokens who speculators play roller-coaster with at exchanges.

What do so many failed projects have in common?

The short and simple answer — Basic Product Management Practices

Creating great tech products is all about building solutions customers love, and that can sustain a business. When a successful product team starts building a product (or a feature in a product), they ask themselves these four…

What exactly are Smart Contracts? The technology community seems to be fascinated by them.

This article will focus on bringing some reality to this fascination, by providing you the most accurate explanation of what they are and what they can do.

Before we delve any deeper into the subject, I have to dedicate a section below to describe What Smart Contracts are NOT. This is purely to address some of the misconceptions of this technology that have become popular in the community.

If you are new to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, feel free to skip this section below, and head straight to the next section. …


Adil Haris

The Crypto and Blockchain Product Manager | www.adilharis.com

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