Experty IO — ICO, on point, review

As you well know, we are daily seeing lots of ICOs (Ethereum driven, but not only) flying around, bringing value to the related Crypto space or stealing a bit from its potential grandeur(to be read as usefulness, scalability, trust, mass adoption). Recently, while exploring the rich and amazing world of Crypto, I came across a project that made me stop and think for a bit, it didn’t take long until I got excited by the the idea and the variety of use cases that would be made possible by their application.

Name and resource location.

Their website:
Demonstrative application: Here (YouTube ~ 4 mins)
Short presentation video: Here (YouTube < 2 mins)
Whitepaper: Here 
Extended presentation: Here (YouTube ~4 mins)
Telegram channel: (+3600 members even before the pre-sale)

The goal of the project in just a few words

They would like to build:
- a mobile application (Android and iOS) (they have a pre-Alpha implementation of it now)
- a web platform/app
- a desktop app
that is similar to Skype, but more complex, decentralized and that will offer the option to incentivise the calls. The application will support voice, video and screen-sharing.

What will that mean? Well, if you are:
- a lawyer, in advising in general or any kind of consultancy service
- a programmer/developer or any kind of technical expert
- an influencer(media, YouTube, any social media highly regarded presence)
- offering premium/paid support services for any business
- into any kind of hotline business
- a medic, psychologist 
- offering education courses/training
- any kind of service that can be remotely offered
you can sell your services directly via the call itself. The caller will be charged per unit of time while he/she is on the call with you based on the fee that you, as an expert will establish. Your time spent on the call will be directly converted into income.

How will it work:
- the knowledge provider will set his/her profile and the fee per unit of time
- the knowledge seeker will find the profile and will agree with it
- the knowledge seeker will call the provider and while one is sending a fee per unit of time, the other is offering information in exchange

An image helping to picture it:

Token metrics and purchase limitations.

100 000 000 EXY will be generated in total.
33% will go to crowdsale which will mean 33 000 ETH. This equals to 13.78 millions USD. (max CAP)
33% for the team, their tokens will be blocked for 3 years.
30% for business partners, their tokens will be locked for 1.5 years.
1% for token sales’ costs.
3% for bounties and airdrops.

The soft CAP is set at 2000 ETH and already got 700 000 USD in the seed round to ensure they have a minimum to reach their roadmap’s checkpoints. If the soft CAP will not be reached, all contributions will be refunded.

For the pre-allocation, North Korea is the only exclusion. Only the accredited, qualified investors from US are the moment while the rest of the world is free to contribute.

In order to actually contribute, one has to provide Proof of Care (POC) for the pre-sale and to pass a whitelisting process. They are enforcing a limit on one’s allocated amounts in order to divide the contribution as evenly as possible amount the interested parties. This can be called a “whale protection” and leaves little room for unexpected token dumping at the exchange listing moment.

The pre-sale tangible bonuses:

The base price of the EXY token is 0.001 ETH (1000EXY === 1 ETH), but you can receive an additional bonus depending on the tier you are assigned to. The minimum contribution is 0.1 ETH.
1) Proof-of-caring Tier #1 (highest) has two bonuses:
A) Receives a 40% bonus over the cheapest ICO price (1ETH === 1400EXY)
B) In addition, receives a flat 1000 EXY token bonus (worth around 1ETH), regardless of the contribution amount.
2) Proof of caring Tier #2 (middle) has only one bonus:
A) Receives a 20% bonus over cheapest ICO price (1ETH === 1200EXY)
3) Proof of caring Tier #3 (lowest):
A) You will be whitelisted for the ICO, but not the pre-ICO
B) No bonus provided
(this is all from their recent article: )

Token sale dates.

The pre-sale is scheduled with a few days before 13th of December. The mainsale itself will start ~13th of December, immediately after the pre-sale. No exact dates have been presented yet and no information about tokens’ release policy or the eventual exchanges they will work with or when that will happen.

During the pre-sale, they will just sale the equivalent of 5000 ETH which is considerably lower than 33 000 ETH planned for the crowdsale.

About the roadmap.

What is close to the present date:
- 2017 Q4 — Alpha Release and planned token generation event.
- 2018 Q1 — Beta Release — Mobile and Web application; contact management, Ethereum wallet
The entire roadmap:

Currently, they almost have the alpha application ready to go.


According to their website and whitepaper — the team has 15 members, including the founders — who will play their active role on the management and technical parts of the projects. The are listing:
- 8 developers (front-end, mobile, web, full-stack)
- 1 software QA
- 1 solidity/blochain engineer(also a co-founder)
- 1 marketing manager
- 1 communications manager
- 1 project director
- 1 CTO(co-founder)
- 1 CEO (founder)

They are listing, in addition to their team, another 15 advisors who got(and have) significant positions with: Samsung,, Bitfinex, Tether, Quantstamp(who just completed one of the most successful ICOs processes ever), Ethereum, Golem, various community managers, blockchain, security, investor relations advisors, tax and legal advisors.


This seems like an excellent mid and long term project with a good team and a great advisors’ pool.

The investors will most likely appreciate the potential of this project especially due to:
- the variety of use cases and the clarity of the idea covering sufficient market gaps
- the solidity of the team and the advisors’ pool
- the relatively small(compared to other projects on the ICO scene) CAP of the token sale -13.78 million USD(boosted by 30% by the recent Ethereum’s price evolution; so, we can expect this to be dropped a bit)
- the detailed Whitepaper
- the available product structure(not far from the Alpha version)
- the previous experience of the team in similar activities
- the token contribution is based on Proof of Care and a whitelisting process.

The team may want to bring further information on how the partners will actually use their share of tokens(30%).

The percent of tokens held by the team is a bit high, however, according to the available Whitepaper:
- 5% will go to legal and administrative costs
- 40% to software development
- 40% will go to marketing and community building
- 15% will be used by the long term research team
So, it is comforting to know that it will not be immediate and general profits. The company (Experty) will take profits out of each successful call to a knowledge provider, from the brokerage fees.

The Whitepaper and the FAQ section of their site bring further clarification on how that goes along other aspects — such are technical(protocol) aspects, blockchain details, marketing and community building aspects.

They’ve also announced partnerships(ongoing) with:

That being said, this looks really promising and with its own unique spot on the market. Hopefully, they will move ahead of the planned roadmap and will come up with a successful and secure product as soon as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to go through this, it was intended to be as informative as possible while occupying the minimum amount of time to reach a satisfactory level of knowledge on the project’s details.

By all means, this is far from constituting business/investment advice, kindly conduct you own research and only decide based on the arguments you think that really count.