7 Common Problems Of a College Student?

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A college is a place of aspiration for the youth. Most of the students enrolled are between 18–24 years old. Digital media and Information Technology have got a massive growth rate in the world. It’s a need of time to get higher education for success. To get higher studies, the students enrolled in the college. College time is tumultuous and difficult for many students. Most youth in college faces emotional and psychiatric disorders. These students have the lowest levels of emotional health on a college campus.

Recent studies had raised concern that,

It’s not only anxiety, abuse, depression, and mental disorders but also psychiatric issues that are rising in the youth.

There are the following challenges the students had to face in college :

7. Parents and Family Pressure:

Most parents put pressure on their children to get admission to one specific college. He is also supposed to choose the field of his parent’s choice e.g M.B.B.S, ENGINEERING, etc. It makes him mentally sick.

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6. Society Pressure :

Society also has a major role in students’ mental health. Those who are living in a crisis society are mentally weak.

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5 . Senior’s Rude Behavior :

The student enrolled in a college had to meet seniors of different categories. Some of them are polite and kind. However, unluckily if met with rude ones it caused him psychological disturbance.

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4. Stress and Depression:

In college, the new students got stressed because of educational burden, health issues, and administration bloat.

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3. Health issues:

Most of the students went ill in college because of unhygienic food. This disturbs their education as well as other activities.

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2. Administration Bloat:

In some colleges, the administration is so strict that they cannot consider the issues of new ones. They give high education burden and new students are unable to carry that it's causing them psychological disturbance.

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1. Racism :

In the present day, the young generation is facing the worst issue, racism. The students who have black body colors have to face discrimination from other students who have white body colors. It has the worst effect on their psychology and mental abilities. It caused them depression and anxiety.

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The college is the place where stress, depression, administration bloat, gender discrimination, unhealthy college competition, relationships, health, and debt are the main crisis that a student had to face.




A researcher and a professional can help in better way to the society. Myself Doc Adil Hussain is here to facilitate you. your suggestions are of great worth me

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A researcher and a professional can help in better way to the society. Myself Doc Adil Hussain is here to facilitate you. your suggestions are of great worth me

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