Facebook Digital Ad Buying in 10 Steps.

You know those amazingly annoying ads that pop up on your Facebook feed when all you’re trying to do is see some funny videos or what Jenny from 10th grade is up too? Yes, those ads are a result of the hard work of graphic designers and copywriters. The graphic designers create the graphic content; the writers create the copy and then the digital media buyer programs the ads into Facebook. Now different social media channels vary in how their advertising platforms works, but for the sake of this post I will explain how the media-buying sector of Facebook works.

So in easier terms, media buying is the process of buying ad space on media sites in an attempt to promote your ads for a campaign to as many people as possible on the site you choose. The power of social media is not something that can be disputed, so now these channels have given the advertisers a way to target specific demographics with their ads and maximize the reach of these ads. The demographic could include age, location, gender or even language. You can use media buying to either increase local sales, promote your app, drive online sales on your website or even just to create brand awareness.

Now the process of media buying would vary depending on the size of the company or the size of the marketing team/campaign. A big company like Coca Cola could decide to get a company like Britton to handle their whole “Taste the feeling campaign”. Being a digital marketing company, Britton has the capacity to handle every aspect of the campaign. We have digital strategists, graphic designers to design the images and graphical content, videographers and photographers to create the visual content, writers to handle the lyrical or written content and then digital buyers to program the ads in to Facebook. Now of course smaller businesses may not have all these and may decide to handle the campaign in-house, and that is also okay. Facebook advertising platform was made to be easy enough for any sort of business to get their campaign out there to whomever they chose.

Now in this post I am going to explain the process of digital buying and ad placement on Facebook in 10 easy steps.

1. Get your ad: Obviously you cannot advertise anything if you don’t actually have an ad to post. So the first step is to design your ad. Make sure it embodies everything you are trying to get out to your audience. By ad, I mean either a video produced or an image, and then written copy you chose in relation to your campaign

2. Get on Facebook Advertising Platform: This is as simple as entering the URL www.facebook.com/advertising. From there the directions are pretty candid. You select create and add, and then decide what the purpose of the add will be. You can choose to either promote a page, get video views or send people to your website to purchase your product.

3. Choose your audience: The next step to do after is ti choose your audience. This platform gives you a lot of demographics to choose from. You can put in a particular zip code or a set of zip codes. Or you can select the address of your business and then put a — for the purpose of explanation — 50 mile radius around your business. This means this ad will target people within a 50-mile radius of your business. You can also select the particular demographic you are trying to reach, i.e. gender, age, language and so on. After you have done this, make sure to check the reach of your ad, and if you decide its too small you can add more people, and if its to big you can target more specifically to reduce the reach.

4. Select the placement of your ad: You will need to choose where you want your ad to be placed when it comes up. You can choose for the ad to appear on desktop news feed, Instagram, mobile news feed or all. You can even go as far as to restrict your ad to a particular mobile device operating system like IOS or Android.

5. Budget and Schedule: In this section, you get to pick how long you want your ad to run for and decide how much you want to spend on your ad campaign. You do this by creating a daily budget with a particular amount and then selecting a time frame that you want your ad to run for. The minimum daily budget is $5 a day while the minimum lifetime budget is $155.

6. Format your Ad: In this section its time to place your ad. You can choose between a single video, an image or multiple images as one to place in your ad. When you choose you image or video you then upload it and it would appear on the ad.

7. Decide purpose of ad: When you do this, you will need to put in the link to your website for the business if you decide that your ad is for sending people to your website. This will give the ad and its call to action a purpose. You then select what you would like your call to action button on your ad to say. You can choose book now, donate now, shop now, sign up or choose from a list of other options.

8. Write the Copy: Now you start by putting a headline for your add which can be no longer than 30 characters. This usually comes up right under your ad image. Then you put in the Description of your ad, which will come under your Headline. This is basically the promo bit of your ad that usually prompts the reader with a sort of call to action. Then you put in a text that comes before your ad. (This is like the phrase of your choice to push your ad. Usually a catch phrase)

9. Proofread your ad : Like anything else you post online, you’d want to make sure it is exactly how you like it. This is why you take the chance to proofread your ad and make sure its exactly how you want it.

10. Pay: Now time to talk money. After your ad is all set to go the next step is to put in your credit card information. You decided on a budget earlier during the process, so be assured that no matter what the amount you put down on your budget is the only amount that would be charged to your card.

This is an example of how your ad will look.

After all these easy steps your ad is ready to go. You would need to wait on Facebook to approve your ad. This is a simple approval process just to ensure you are not posting any inappropriate content or you don’t have more than 20% copy in your ad. After this is done and you are cleared, you will receive an email from Facebook that will let you know your ad has been approved is ready to go.