High School Drama

Teenage school drama, you can run away as much as you want to from it. It still comes knocking on your doorstep.

Considering that I currently am in high school, I’d like to divide ‘drama’ into two very specific categories; Relationship Drama and Friendship Drama.

Relationship Drama

Now, this is the most crappy form of teenage drama there is, and as much as I’ve tried avoiding it, I’ve got caught up in it too. Trust me it completely sucks. This whole idea can be further divided into two more categories; PDA (public display of affection) and post-breakup tantrums.

Talking about PDA all these high school students upload pictures of their significant others with captions like,” OMG ily baby” and all sorts of dog crap there is.

Moving on to the post-breakup drama. The person who had the breakup is affected, agreed. However their friends are affected too. You may ask why? The answer is very simple, to put it in blunt words ‘they just want all the stupid attention to themselves’ and it genuinely pisses the crap out of a lot of people.

Friendship Drama

This type of drama is my personal favourite, it is the most unique and exquisite form of expressing your hatred towards another fellow student in a very passive aggressive way.

People who are involved in the drama do get mentally affected but, the people who are not involved enjoy a good ol’ drama session and I’m speaking from experience.

Over here people will post stories and pictures of themselves with extremely so called ‘savage’ captions just to take a piss at their enemy from school.


Genuinely speaking, drama is super messed up and it’s best staying away from it but, it manages to find a way back to you in any which way. So here I am quoting

Run from it, dread from it, drama still arrives

~Aditya Kumar Mehta (adaptation from the major motion picture ‘Avengers: infinity war)