We give up. Please. Just click our g*dd&$m link.

alltherooms.com/AM. It’s been a really long week guys. We’ve been advertising all week. Everyone hates advertising. It’s not a fun time.

And I mean, the guys over at All The Rooms are really nice. They’re just trying to make your lives easier by showing you some more rooms. Did you ask for more rooms? We have no idea. Did you ask for all the rooms? Look, why would you? But we give up. We’re really tired. So please just click the g*dd&$m link because we’re done asking. It’s right here: alltherooms.com/AM. If you want to do us a favor, you’ll click it. If you don’t, we don’t care. In the meantime we’ll be leaving the advertising industry to take on careers in underwater cave diving instruction.

Love, The Team

It’s been a long week and we’re done. Sayonara.
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