Join me as I transition into the UX field in analyzing one of my favorite platforms and its accessibility features.

Since my decision to pursue a career in UX, I’ve been made further aware about the accessibility features products me provide. This has, of course, had me analyzing each app and website I visit on a daily basis. Is it usable? Intuitive to use? Is this accessible? What about it isn’t?

In this article, I will use Netflix as a case study to learn more about usability and accessibility.

How Easy is Netflix to Use?

Usability is defined as the ease of use of an interface. There are five broad categories for usability heuristics.:

  1. Efficiency
  2. Memorability
  3. Errors
  4. Satisfaction


Over the past four years, I recall…

How my family’s dream car took a turn down a not so yellow brick road

Moving from New York to Israel was a challenge for me and family in many ways. One of the biggest and most unexpected adjustments? The price of gas. At costing more than double what it did for us in the States, we had to quickly

  • Alter the use of our cars, considering public transport more frequently despite being owners of cars.

How the user experience of an app changed my entire approach to health and fitness

I recently took a change in career path from HR/Psychology into UX. Of course, this has me paying more attention to features more than ever before. I hold a new view towards the apps on my phone. Instead of “oh, I love that” or “ugh should I delete this app already?”, I’m finding my self saying “wow, this is a great feature”, or “who was that designed for?”.

Up until six years ago, you could say I was super lazy with extremely unhealthy eating habits. Eating a donut on my way to meet a friend for dinner. Considering a 10…

Adina Katz

Aspiring UX Designer

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