30 Days of a Writing challenge — Day #1 —

Wondering if…Being a good speaker makes you a good writer?

This is me, alone in the cold winter woods…minus the antlers :)

I’m an over adapted child who started walking and talking before celebrating my first birthday.

Throughout my life I’ve been called a wonder child, girl extraordinaire and even a true blessing by the envious women in my mother’s mommy club.

I’ve also been called a smart ass, smarty pants, a loud mouth and of course I was granted the honorary title of being “impertinent” by some of my teachers, as I dared to speak up my mind.

To question, to voice out my thoughts, to debate and sometimes to downright argue is something I have been doing my whole life. And I will keep doing so; since I am convinced it is the only way to become the absolute best possible version of myself.

I picked up the trend of bettering myself when I was four years old and discovered I didn’t have access to the written world of the grownups. I demanded to be taught reading — and that included deciphering time, as I intuitively knew what a valuable resource that is.

Knowing is what I crave, curiosity is my fuel and all I have is a bag of words. To ask, to churn, to make room for the insides of my thinking drawers, to try understanding this world. I’m not a native English speaker and I’m ridden with inferiority complexes of all sorts. I navigate through life alternating between acting my way as if I already am the person I long to be, and feeling very comfortable as I’m closer and closer to my authentic self.

Being a sucker for overcoming my current limitations, I easily get engaged in challenges. As I was inspired by the people I respect and admire, I decided to join the frenzy of writing for the next 30 days.

Thanks Alex Barrera and Anca Albu for leading by example! :)

I know I can talk my head off on various multidisciplinary topics, I know somewhere within me I hold a treasure of ideas. All the knowledge I have gulped on from the earliest of times, it’s with me. What I don’t know is if I’m any good at putting it in writing. Obviously greed is the best companion for knowledge thirst, and so I keep on reading, accumulating my wealth in the hopes that one day, I’ll dare speak up again.

This is the beginning of me daring. This puny attempt at writing is part of my perpetual expansion, my quest for bettering myself.

I have the thoughts, I have the feelings, I have the words. Now I’m only searching for my voice.

I took the challenge, and if you’ve been sitting on your words, muffling them up while partially paying attention to reading others, I dare you to start writing!

And if you’re still in doubt about starting to write yourself, if you’re still just comfortable reading, at least let me know I’m not in the wrong here by clicking on the little heart.

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