5 Reasons Why Being A Digital Nomad Might Not Be Your Thing, After All
Adina Dincă

Hi Nicholas! Thanks for your reply, loved reading it and it’s very useful for those like me, that are kind of closer to the middle on this continuum I imagine from being totally static and nomadic and have certain inner conflicts around it.

I agree with you. Life is what you make of it, for the most part, and you don’t need to be one kind of nomad or another. I myself have lived in 2 countries, been 4 years now in my current one and it definitely feels like home, even more than my birth one. In my case, that’s because of the people and relationships we have created here, which, in the end, make me feel attached to it beyond the fact that it’s actually fun and looks nice :) Damn, couldn’t I have gotten attached to some warmer place by the sea! :)

I also have friends that are quite nomadic and move every 3 months, and we’re still friends after a few good years. Here is where it comes down to the people, I guess — for me all relationships that I have are always active and alive in me in a way, even though I might be focusing on something else, or be somewhere else. It’s like a sort of inner background thing going on.

In my case, I get restless if I visit a city, for example, for more than 3 days, and I need to explore new ones often, monthly, let’s say. But I also don’t like to be far from my home for long. I wondered a lot about what kind of circumstances would make me ok with moving, but at the moment it feels like a really sad thought, I like it here.

In the end, if you’re attracted to something, I think you should try it. Like you say, I also feel like most are returning after about two years. But when you don’t try something that attracts you, you can end up idealizing it or making it scary in your mind, and it’s a pity, because you can either miss out on something you’d love or think something other than what you do is so much better.

I’m wondering now in what ways someone who is content with being nomadic differs from someone who needs a home base from which to go to often, internally. Sure, there are many reasons why different people are both, but still, I have a hunch that when one is truly one or the other, there are some common differences.

Anyway, your reply made me think. Sometimes the gold is in the conversations, rather than in the articles.

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