The United States Once Sterilized Tens of Thousands — Here’s How the Supreme Court Allowed It
Trevor Burrus

I would have been sterilized and institutionalized in much the same way Carrie Buck was. I am not mentally retarded but I actually do have another developmental disorder. I was born with autism. I did not talk til I was around 3 and I did not walk or even crawl til after I was 3 too. I would just sit or lay wherever I was put, I liked to look at bugs for hours. I talked first with a complete sentence to our pet bird, a very tame free flying parakeet who I said, one morning at breakfast as he tried to steal my toast and drank from my hot cocoa (chocolate is supposed to be deadly but he drank cocoa every morning and lived 14 years lol) “No bite Toto, no bite” as he loved to take a nibble at my hang nails if I had any. It would be a couple more years til I talked freely with my own mother and father and brothers. Later I took a precollege test to get into the university and scored in the top 1% of the nation in math and in the top 2% of the nation in verbal. However I never would have gone to college just decade or so before that time. I would have been put away as defective and probably sterilized. I made a decision not to marry or have children myself due to my real disabilities and I had very difficult problems learning to live but I have really done quiet well for myself: became a fairly well respected Judaic Folk Artist and have the respect and love of my Synagogue and my friends. I consider myself fortunate to have been born in better times for myself. My heart breaks for those like Carrie who suffered before me, but I will keep her in memory as a tribute to her. She suffered, and I think her suffering is not in vain if we remember her and promise those weaker members of our society today and future generations that we will protect and care for them and not mutilate them or practice inhumane treatment of them in the name of medicine, and there are more people still to liberate….we must not stop til all are free and all are given what they need to become their best and treated as G-d would have us, with love and compassion and protection.