“YOUR FUTURE” comes with a lot of BUTs.

We’ve been told as children to believe in ourselves, to never give up, and that dreams do come true; though as we mature and get tackled by problems it is hard to believe you can succeed. Im only a 18 year old and I know I haven’t faced the “real world” yet, but I do know its going to hit me hard. Even now deciding which university to attend is making me feel anxious; i don’t have a plan like those other kids who desire to become a lawyer, doctor or even a popstar; i am a confused teenager who didn’t get the atar she needed. Theres this saying “dont let a number define you”, the thing is it already has. First off i’ll explain this ATAR thing, its the Australian equivalent to the SAT or UAI where you get ranked against all students in your state or country. I understand why such ranking system exists though i feel like you should not be allowed entry to a university or college based on a number, like I haven’t even been able to get some sort of interview for any Australian universities. I got an atar of lets say above 70 which is an average mark however my score only allows me to attend a university requiring the use of 3 public transport from where i live or a pathway into a uni which has a cost of $28,000 (about the same amount of money my brother paid for his WHOLE course) where i gain guaranteed entry into University of Technology Sydney and second year, but of course there is a price to pay. But when i think about it there is just an equal amount of famous, wealthy, intelligent people who did not attend a university or had no money to pursue the things they wanted, they found and alternate way. So i guess i do need to take the advice of “not letting a number define me”. If i work hard enough and put in more work then the ones who were lucky enough to get there atar then i should be able to reach there level or even become of a higher rank.

The atar has defined where i can attend university, how much money i would be loosing to the uni or public transport, and even the friends i see. But the atar hasn’t decided if i will succeed in life or if this is the right path for me. So i’m just a little teenager who’s just starting to grow up and I’m sorry for being scared but if i wasn’t how would i overcome my first “adult decision”; that sounds so stupid but its true my future will consist of a lot of BUTs as i become an even more indecisive person.