Fix Cocoapod 1.0.1 + Swift 3 + XCode 8

Adding just SwiftyJSON will give you 122 errors :(

If you’re using Cocoapod 1.0.1, use a framework with Swift 3 version, run pod install and then XCode warn you to convert your code to Swift 3, you’re not the only one with this problem. What happen is the recent stable version of Cocoapod (1.0.1) still hasn’t support XCode 8. So this is how to fix it.

  • If you’re adventurous, you can install the latest (beta) Cocoapod, which is version 1.1.0 rc 2 (at the time this story is written). Remember that this is not stable version and may have side effect.
gem install cocoapods --pre
  • Remain to use the current stable version (1.0.1) with option to set the Swift version. Add this line of code at the end of Podfile (taken from here)
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