Chemical Properties

Do you know what is chemical properties? Chemical properties is the properties of any substance that show chemically. Chemical properties is usually the tent of substance or elements to react with other substance or tent to change become other substance that have different kind of substance, even change overall. The change of substance can be able to natural process or by chemical process.

Like oxygen element (O) is never stand as oxygen element but always stand as oxygen substance O2. This state that oxygen element is very unstable and tend to react with other oxygen to be oxygen substance or oxygen compound if and other substance stand alone. This properties is shown that oxygen element is very reactive. Hydrogen element shown the same properties as Oxygen gas, but hydrogen more reactive and explosive than oxygen.

The chemical properties is the properties of some substances like as follows:

  • Reactive
  • Oxidize
  • Reductive
  • Explosive
  • Corrosive
  • Irritant (same as reactive)
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