What is Ethworldbank?

ETHWORLDBANK is an investment management company based in the UK, Ethworldbank Company aims to become one of the leading online investment companies worldwide, Ethworldbank professional team has 20 years experience in providing innovative investment products that meet the specific needs of online communities.
Ethworldbank is driven by its commitment in providing financial and wealth management services to all of our clients worldwide.

ROI is high
The main reason for choosing Ethworldbank is high ROI. In just 365 days on the investment plan you will earn 1–2% per day.

Friendly Interface
We have developed and implemented a modern and comfortable design. Easy to understand even for beginners.

Data protection
All of our investor data is reliably protected. Also we do not ask for additional data such as passport scans.

How does it work?

1. Register

The list of accounts is very simple and free. Just fill out the form, agree with Terms of Use and click “Register”. Then you can login to your account using login form. We strongly recommend using strong passwords and not distributing information about your account to third parties.After signing up you will immediately earn a 0.2 ETH Bonus for Investment

Register Here

2. Sign in to your account

Log in to your account using the username and password you provided during registration. If you forgot your password, you can return it using the password recovery form. If you feel your account is hacked immediately, contact the support team, you must prove that you are the true owner of the account.

3.Pay Deposit

The list of accounts is very simple and free. Just fill in. After logging into your account, go to the “Create Deposit” section, select the investment plan that suits you, the payment system and enter the deposit amount. You will then be taken to the payment window on the payment system you choose.

4. Relax and enjoy

The list of accounts is very simple and free. Just fill in. After the steps you have taken, you can relax and enjoy passive income every day. The rest will be done for you by our professional trader. The main thing do not forget to deduce the daily profit in your wallet. Good luck!

Compensation plan


Free 0.2 ETH When Signing Up New Account
Static Earnings: 0.5% Daily for 365 Trading Days

You can start Investing with EWB 1

Deposit starting from 0.5 ETH 0.5
Static Gain: 1% Daily for 365 Trading Days
Referral Commission: 6%
Binary balance: 2%

If you do not have Ethereum you can buy it Here

Affiliate Program

Develop your own team to generate revenue without investment. Thanks to the multilevel bonus system. Multiple affiliate programs
Refferal commissions ranging from 6%

If you want to invest ethereum and want to earn profit every day please register at Ethworldbank