In most teams I’ve worked with, there always was this one engineer the majority of the team considered “irreplaceable”. The one everyone assumed that one day when he’ll leave, the project will fail right away.

But, guess what? time passed and some of them did leave, but the projects — they continued as usual. Moreover, sometimes it was even better off without them.

The “Irreplaceable engineer” is a common team dysfunction I’ve seen over and over again during my career. …


You watch a colleague coding, there’s a shorthand or trick being applied, somehow you’re not familiar with it and your mind blows away. Happens to all of us all the time.

In this short post we will unveil some very useful npm tricks. There are many more than what we can cover here, so I chose to focus on those that are most relevant and useful for our day-to-day workflow as developers.

Basic shorthands before we’re getting started

To get everyone aligned, especially the newcomers among us, let’s have a quick overview of the basic shorthands and make sure nobody miss anything trivial.

Installing a package:

Regular: npm install…

In recent years it seems like every big company is having a big open source project that it’s pushing very hard. Only in the web area we have Google with AngularJS, Facebook with React, Microsoft with TypeScript and many more companies and projects.

It’s interesting to try and understand why are those companies so interested in open source projects, is this really because they want to contribute to the community, which is the general idea of open source?

I think that it’s not only interesting to understand but in fact it’s also very important. Companies, unlike humans, are very rational…

Recently we’ve started to work on You Gotta Love Frontend 2016, which is an annual front-end development conference that is held in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Basically, we’re a group of people, front-end developers in our profession, that work very hard to make a world-class conference for front-end developers, year after year. …

Adir Amsalem

Developer @WixEng • Co-Organizer @YGLF_IL

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