Untitled 3019 a.ka Nonsense


I just want to write,

Write down these thoughts,

Portray this reality we live in,

The one none dares to even admit its existence,

I want to build brand new worlds,

Universes that have never been explored before

Walk you through the truth, the new reality,

The fantasy you always dreamed of,

I want you to see it, to share it with me,

Share it with me.


I just want to play chess,

Make the first move and being optimistic of a new beginning,

Like the many other games I lost didn’t matter,

And here I go, e4, I like this aggressiveness,

I like Italians,

I like to have control, do things the way I want them to be,

“Such selfish statement” She said,

I understand, but we are at war, This is war

I’m cautious, I don’t want to be the one who blundered

The patzer!

So I take my time, I think, and make my move

I call that attack, the perfect fork,

No mercy to my enemies,

Royal blood is spilled on the floor,

There was a price to pay, he knew the price,

We both knew,

The king in the North send his regards.

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