Roger Federer, A Life Beyond Tennis Awaits You

An open (& quickly shut) letter that could give you a reality cheque…

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Last night I had a dream. I was somewhere in England, celebrating in a pub with some friends I couldn’t recognize, toasting to something that I don’t remember now, but I was drinking straight from a large cup, and it was pretty heavy and had a lot of names on it, and suddenly a tennis ball hit me, or maybe I fell down and it was the floor, I don’t remember now, but it was scary and exhilarating, suddenly hearing a loud hum as a racket swung near my ear, and suddenly I woke up. It was the middle of the night. Tonight’s match was hours away. And yet I knew after it had ended, I would feel the same way I was feeling now. Awake from a dream I was enjoying too much.

This is how you might be feeling tonight, Roger.

Roger Federer retires from the court, not our hearts.
Tennis needed Roger…but what Roger needs after tennis.

All good things must come to an end, but you must plan for your next step. So, even though there will be tears in your eyes (and ours), here are some tips and tricks to becoming a mere mortal like the rest of us.

Now that it is over, and yes, over it is, there won’t be a ‘next game’ until the money men decide to hold exhibition matches. So forget about tennis (for) now. It is time to get real (for a moment, but not really).

Have you thought about how you will sustain that you will have no income except from your umpteen advertisements, the exhibition matches, and the ton of money you already have?

What about your health? What will you do in the absence of professional trainers and fancy nutritionists? And the worst part about retirement is — no more hotel rooms! It will suck going back to your non-hotel but still hotel-like house(s).

The living legend Roger Federer —  after retirement —  would still be living life King size with help from all the sponsors.
How will the living legend Roger live life King-size post-retirement?

Don’t worry. These problems are just like Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, or any of your other opponents. You try hard and overcome. Most times. 1245 out of 1521 times, to be precise. 103 times in a big way. And 20 times in a grand manner. It’ll work out. We got you.

Or have we?

We’re not crazy, dear readers. You just need to read the whole thing before you (and our friend Roger) get it. You can read the Open letter written to Roger Federer on the occasion of his retirement here.



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