A Good Girl

Be a good girl. 
When you like a guy, try showing them about your feelings.
But do not make it too obvious, otherwise people will call you–

Attention seeker.

Be a good girl.
Go to the school, find your passion, and learn something new.
But do not push yourself too hard, otherwise people will call you–

Arrogant & Ambitious.

Be a good girl.
Explore yourself on trying new clothes, get that ripped skinny jeans, put some colour to your hair.
But do not wear like a man, or wear something too short, otherwise people will call you–

A whore.

Be a good girl.
Get yourself some pizzas, burgers, or any kind of food you like with some friends.
But do not make yourself too fat, because men don’t like a woman who’s too fat,

Or too skinny.

Because a good girl means being a girl what society expects

Beautiful, but not too beautiful because it’ll gain too many attention.
Smart, but not too smart because it’ll frighten a man.
Kind, but not too kind because people will misuse you.

Wear crowns, but let a man take your crown off whenever he feels to.

Be a perfect girl.