A Travel Planner

First, a big shout-out to Hasura for the brilliantly structured IMAD online course, after which I landed an internship at Hasura itself.

Building a web application is the task that I have taken up as part of the internship.

I love travelling and also feel travelling is important. To travel is to explore. To travel is to connect. To travel is to learn.

My aim is to build a web app which should work as a suggestion + itinerary creation tool. A simple travel planner. It will help one know the best places to visit in their dream destination and easily create and share itineraries.

Usually, in such situations, all the planning between people travelling together happens over chat (like WhatsApp, email,etc.). Some suggestions are overlooked, some suggestions are redundant. Ultimately, it becomes quite difficult for all the travelers to fully understand the plan sometimes.

This is where the webapp comes in handy, people can discuss and edit itineraries easily.

Being a traveler I always longed for a better organized planning process.

With this itinerary creation feature, no one’s suggestions will be missed. Things will be organized. Every one can be part of the entire planning process, continuously making changes together, until they can build the roadmap for their trip.

I feel, this itinerary tool will be the feature, bringing travelers to use the app.

So, the MVP would be simple.

A user registers, puts in his/her preferences to begin with. When they want to make their travel plans, they simply enter where they want to go and for how long. Once the suggestions for places to visit pop up, users select all the places they want to cover. Finally, with all the chosen places, they can make their itinerary in the next screen and share it with fellow travelers (who may also be able to edit).