Sonoma Safari

Scenes from a trip to Safari West in Santa Rosa in Sonoma County on 9/16/2017

Young’in Antelopes out for a stroll
Quite the dashing lad
Say Hi to Jerome the Giraffe
7 elongated and incredibly strong neck muscles, surprisingly the same number as humans!
North African white Rhino : 6500 lbs of muscle
A young buck looks for greener pastures
Did you know Zebras are part of the Horse family?
Zoe the zebra & sisters at their 4pm graze party
White on Black stripes or Black on White?
Water Buffalo
You lookin at me?
During the great migration in the Masai, Wildebeast can form herds of 25 miles in length
Face of a baboon they say
Ostrich shenanigans
May have a brain the size of peanut but they can run at 40 mph, faster than humans
Guinea Fowl with Jerome and friends in the bokeh
North American Pink Flamingo, born grey but turn pink due to due their diet
Scenes from the aviary
Free Bird
Cowabunga dude
Mono’s gonna mono