I found her

Wasn’t it funny
how we both talk each other
and stole glimpses
when we thought no one was looking
and pretended the world was in slow motion
as we chatted quietly in Instagram,
yet never seemed to conduct sentences
because both us are precious to each other
but I want to ask you a question,
“Do you afraid of losing me?” Definitely not, but I do.
I carry you in everything I do and say and see
And wandering the streets today I try to let it be
But how can I acknowledge what will never be mine
My heart is all a flutter
My words come out like melted butter
I found the who set me free
The one who found my hearts key
And you are someone from next universe oh yaa you
I want you along by my side best friend
Please don’t leave me ever(plz)
Do you know, when you are around
One of the most amazing feelings arises within me
It’s like Heart beating louder than ever
Beating so loud because of the way you make feel special
I’m sorry I don’t know what to say
I just wanted you to know this
You were one of my closest friends ever happen
And I want you to count me as a very best one.
 I’m sorry if I’m not good enough for very best one…
I’m sorry if my feelings and issues affect you.
But do you know cosmic girl
If I had an inch I’d give you a mile
If you were a frown I’d give you a thousand smiles
I’d give you the world if you asked
I’ll write you a song if that’s what you want
Then tear it all up if you don’t I want to know how you are
I want to know your heart and soul
Your voice is a work of art
I’ll show you my mind and give you my heart.
What I want is just you to learn my heart
Because I am an introvert and I know I am good through heart
Though sometimes mouth does not cooperate.
 Cosmic girl I want to struggle to breathe
while your hand is on my neck,
the good kind of struggle,
because I trust you

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