A healthcare marketing journey : Episode 9

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As of 2018, there are 468,898 government-run hospitals in India, and the number will be even more staggering if you include private sector hospitals. IBEF estimates that the market value for healthcare in India will increase to US 133.44$ billion by 2022. This essentially means that the competition is stiff, and every healthcare provider is competing to be on the top. In this scenario, establishing your presence in the market is quite challenging, and there is an innate need to generate quality leads.

1.Lead generation is the process of identifying and drawing individuals or organizations by gathering their contact details. Lead generation in healthcare depends on the level of trust and the patient’s urgency to avail a medical consultation. …

A healthcare marketing journey : Episode 8

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Healthcare providers are adopting several marketing strategies to attain digital supremacy. Content marketing helps you to establish yourself as a leader of healthcare practices. Content marketing helps you to communicate with the patients and prospective patients by providing information and educating them. Content marketing is not just bound to creating blog posts; it includes the creation of different forms of content across various publishing platforms.

Incorporating content marketing with search engine optimization techniques can help to boost your online presence drastically. Create content related to the relevant medical keywords and more content you generate; your site will be ranked better in search results. …

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In a study it was observed that 71% of patients look at online reviews before booking a consultation with a new provider. This shows the significance of online reviews and how much it influences the patient in making decisions. Med Urgent Care did not consider the negative reviews it garnered across platforms like yelp and eventually had to close down. With the advent of so many review platforms like Google reviews, Zocdoc, and Practo, Healthcare providers should pay attention to what their patients are posting about their services.

Having positive reviews can significantly improve your credibility, which in turn results in getting more patients on board. People will develop trust in your healthcare services if you have good online reviews. When people trust your healthcare services, you stand out to them from other healthcare providers. Reviews also play a role in SEO ranking. With this clear picture of the importance of online reviews, here are the ways you can get the most out of it. …


Adithya A

Research Analyst for Healthcare Research at Krea

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