Engineering to kindergarten​:

India is famous for many cultures and religions but there is another unspoken culture, where every parent thinks that only an engineering degree would save and decide their wards future. The main rule of this culture is never trust your child’s dream or passion. Parents are OCD about our future, but they fail to see the rage filled outcome from that. So if you try to say that this is what you will do, the drama genere begins there. Blackmailing and forcing that seventeen year old tender mind to accept what he/she dislikes the most must be considered an act of crime. So talking about, I too am a victim of this culture and this is my story.

First day of college, I entered​ the gateway knowingly I don’t belong here. I see many happy faces, students with their head full of dreams. I too had a dream of getting into the film industry, but the logic in India is you can watch movies with your family, have your favourite actors, choose your seats in theatres but your son/daughter getting into cinema is taboo. Thinking of all this I entered my classroom. I suddenly felt like a kindergarten kid who wants to cry to go home but my age restricts me from crying infront of the class.

As days went, I used to shed some tears in the restroom and I would make sure no one notices me. Engineering didn’t bring the best of me , it brought out the long gone child who cries for everything. I have failed in my school days but I had this habit of coming back from the dead. But here I wished I stayed​ this way. Here failure is not to be taping on your shoulders and encouraging you, it is demotivating you away from the rest of the class.

Again as days passed I realised grades define who you are. That unknowingly overgrown ego in the students head blind them from seeing and seeking the real meaning of an engineer.

Below are some stereotypes in an engineering college:

  • You wear tight formals to sit uncomfortably in the class, so that you can concentrate more in your studies.
  • You must know the difference between a local author and a foreign author and their weightage they add to your career.
  • You join a college near a forest because you should learn to love nature.
  • If you fail in one paper in the semester, but you know that you would have passed in that subject and put re-evaluation to check and the result comes as a pass percentage, then you should pay 750 because it is your mistake to choose engineering in the first place.
  • Your professors are just none other post engineering students, who take this teaching job temporarily for money until they get a good job. Till that they act as both teachers and chefs and roast our minds till they turn golden brown.
  • You are really blessed if you had a HOD who thinks visual communication comes under B.E because it has the term communication in it and moreover if he advices you that to complete your degree and join M.E in visual communication in that same engineering university then he is an illuminati/god to be worshipped daily without fail.
  • Life always never gives you lemons but in engineering it will give you a good project centre. So we must use that efficiently.
  • You are the best engineer if you know the meaning of teaching engineering and feeding engineering. The faculty gets the privilege to feed us with their self written notes which is irreplaceable in anyway.
  • I have never seen an advertisement for universities like Harvard or IIT. So if your college has their own advertisement then you better start your meme creating works ASAP.
  • And finally, the college management would accept you if you give the bribe for education in the form of donation eventough you have a very bad grade in mathematics; the core subject for engineering, but later get accused by that same college for not passing in the mathematics exams.

But these points doesn’t mean engineering is a pile of dung. Today’s world is orbiting only due to engineering and engineers. Here education becomes the bitch for money. The institution and the faculty members should respect engineering or else till the end they can produce only first class degree holders not engineers.

“If you loose continuosly that doesn’t mean you are a looser, it may also mean you are in the wrong game”.

School days taught me what happiness is, but engineering taught me what life is and for that I respect it.

You are never a failed engineer if you’re not an engineer in the first place. Dreams isolate you and be proud to be isolated. In my final days of engineering I realised that I was nothing more than a kindergarten kid strapping a bag full of engineering books to college.