Important Questions Revision Digest

An unmissable practice pack for JEE & PMT/CET 2016

This is your ultimate last minute practice pack.

These are important questions, specially curated from millions of attempts — practice and test data on embibe as well as all our knowledge about the exam. These questions are also the ones that appear the most frequently in exams — we believe that this pack will help you cover 80% of the exam importance with just 999 questions. This is only 3 days of effort assuming 3 min per question. Remember you also have hints and detailed solutions for every question along with ‘Learn concept’ links on the solution tab to quickly understand the concept. In this special practice pack — we have also arranged these questions in the order of importance for the exam.

You should know by now that embibe knows a lot about the test, likely questions, important chapters and also auto-detection of stuff like careless mistakes.

Here are the factors that have been taken into account:

  1. Whether question or similar question appeared in previous year’s test
  2. Whether question is from an important-for-test chapter
  3. Whether question is from an important-for-test concept
  4. If the question is generally a low accuracy question as determined statistically from the thousands of attempts we have seen over the years as students attempt the question.

These factors are combined using a weighted average to arrive at a final single “importance” ranking for each question.

So here are the special questions with time management, hints and detailed solutions attached to the concepts that apply with learning material all at your finger tips.

Embibe believes that there is a 15%+ direct score improvement jump you can get just by practicing this pack thoroughly.

Total Questions: 999

Total Time Needed: 3 days

Embiums needed: 1,120

The best part is — just one single practice session — just go for it!

Here are improvement stories which come from embibe led revision! Note carefully how the embibe score has almost exactly matched the JEE score for students. We know exam importance.