“4 ways to learn unlearning”

Unlearning can be messy. From figuring out what to unlearn to keeping up with the speed of what you unlearn when. To constantly understand your behaviour patterns with the environment you are surrounded in.

I have had my fair share of troubles with understanding what exactly is unlearning and why we need to unlearn certain aspects of how we look at ourselves and the people around us.

According to me unlearning is important since the world is constantly growing, and so are we. We gain newer perspectives, meet new people, and develop varied interests.

Here are some points which helped me figure out how to learn to unlearn:

  1. Be open to newer ideas: Listen to people when they have to talk about any topic, do not try to impose your opinion on them rather make it a perspective-building talk.
  2. Ask for feedback: We don’t ask for feedback often. Do we? Asking for feedback gives the other person space to think about what can be done better, and reminds you what you are already good at from another person’s perspective. Don’t wait for them to give you feedback just ask for it.
  3. Don’t be defensive: This is something I’ve learned the hard way. When someone shares their perspective don’t think it is an attack on your being but it is actually for your growth.
  4. Journaling: One of my friends encouraged me to journal which helped me understand my patterns and unlearn them. It is one of the most effective ways to know yourself.

Also, I have understood that unlearning is a slow process and remember I wrote that it is a messy process but in reality, unlearning clears the mess.

I hope this will help you learn to unlearn.

Thank you for reading my blog :)

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