Aditi Gupta
May 9, 2019 · 2 min read

Does social media connect or distract us from what really matters?

If you are reading this, you probably found this on one of your social media accounts only. According to a study in a population of three billion about 40% uses online social media, And about half a million tweets and snaps are shared every second. Social media- a boon or bane is a topic you must have written a paragraph on in your school. And you probably would have written the same standard stuff that it distracts us and make us feel jealous and blah. Now it’s about time that you consider the time you spend online.
Do yourself a favour and download an application that tracks your social media usage. You would be surprised to see the percentage of day you waste looking at memes and your feed. There is no denying the fact that being online distracts us more than it helps us. Don’t you get worried when you are out spending the day with your family or friends, and your battery is almost about to die? It has become a habit to check our phones every 5 minutes.
One might wonder what actually makes social media so addicting? Social networks are pyscologically and physically addicting. What makes a person stick to it is usually FOMO ( fear of missing out), Social validation of a like or faverourate and being socially connected makes us feel good.
Social media is not bad but the amount of time we spend on it makes is unproductive. We are diminishing the importance of offline meetings due to increasing online activities. You often find people on their phone while communicating with a friend. Its always better to unplug and take some time off tech. A detox therapy might make your mind fresh and look at this at a new angle.

    Aditi Gupta

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    Student at IIIT

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