In the last two years, I have made several purchases from wayfair. It has mostly been for furniture and rugs.

Each time, I visit the wayfair site, I know exactly what I want to buy and I directly go into that category / subcategory.

Task Flow

Task flow for purchasing a piece of furniture from Wayfair

Design Patterns

Navigation Pattern: For the main menu on the landing page, Wayfair uses the “Vertical Drop Down Menu” design pattern. All the entries of the top level categories are listed horizontally. Hovering a mouse on a particular top level category opens up a drop down overlay which lists the all the level 2 and level 3 categories…

In this post, I will be writing about the usability and accessibility principles that I have recently learned and reflect on the product I extensively use: Netflix :)

Starting with the definitions:

As defined in the DesignLab lessons:

Usability is the ease of use of an interface, or how easily people can learn and use your product.

Usability heuristics are a set of guidelines used to assess the usability of an interface. In-house design teams frequently create their own sets of heuristics to help everyone on their team assess the state of the product

There are 5 broad categories for…

Introduction and bit of history

Kellogg’s is a US based multinational company manufacturing food products like cereal and other convenience foods like biscuits, crackers, toaster pastries etc. It is a super brand and dominates the cereal and snack markets in the US and UK.

In 1980’s Kellogg’s experienced a stupendous growth and the company had reached its all time peak with 20 plants in 18 countries world wide, with yearly sales reaching above US $6 billion. However in the 1990’s Kellogg’s experienced market stagnation and a little room for growth. …

As a part of the UX Academy course offered by DesignLab, one of my assignments was to practice rapid design thinking for the design challenge:

“How would you design an ATM for children”

Before I could start organizing my thoughts and start thinking about each phase involved in the design thinking process, plenty of questions came into my mind, all together. I am listing some of them here:

  • Do children use an ATM?
  • Why would a child even need to use an ATM?
  • When we say, ‘a child’ — what age group are we considering?
  • Is it safe for a…

Until I came to the United States in 2006, to pursue further education, the only digital product I had used to a moderate extent was Gmail. You see, in India, almost all of the work gets done by connecting (in person) and communicating with the people around you. So all the products that I had extensively used were non-digital in nature. The products that I used were in the form of physical goods and the services provided by the people. Food, transportation, clothes, laundry, house cleaning, newspaper & magazine subscriptions, you name it! …

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