DigitalDeepak Internship- Join or not to join?

Hi Friends!

I joined the 3rd batch of DigitalDeepak(DD) internship program which started on 16th May, 2020. I paid Rs. 9997 for the internship which I will get back subsequently as long as I submit my assignments on time. Pretty great deal right? This arrangement makes it a free internship or essentially a digital marketing course. I received a bonus of Rs. 200 in the first class itself (I will share the receipt here). And the assignment given to us is to publish what we learned in the class. SAY WHAT??! So you really have nothing to loose. Most of the content DD already shares on his social media for free but the catch here is that your money is at stake so you are compelled to perform instead of just consuming. I think it is the best educational model. What do you think? Please share your comments below.

So here is summary of what I learned in Class Numero Uno.

  1. Find a Niche.
  2. Build skills- Understand how global economy works, improve communication skills
  3. Provide content and build your tribe
  4. Do integrated Digital Marketing

Simple, right? Yes.

“Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification.”- Martin H. Fischer

Let me break it down for you buddy. The first thing you need to do is to find your why, the reason you want to do this or the goal you want to achieve from this internship. DD simply said we should all aim to earn 1 crore from digital marketing so if we find 1000 customers for our Rs. 10,000 course we are good to go.

But what would your content be about? There comes step numero uno, i.e. find your niche. Find out how you can provide the solution to a problem. You can list things you are passionate about and how you can provide value in that area.

Secondly, invest time in yourself and build your skills. DD emphasizes on the importance of having a basic understanding of how global economy which builds your business acumen and have excellent communication skills. He suggests to read books like- economics 101, Currency wars for understanding economics. To improve communication skills there are easy ways like- read for 30 minutes a day, write 500 words a day, start a blog, think in English, listen to podcasts.

Thirdly, start building content that you can market. Everything revolves around valuable content. Be consistent in posting regular content about your niche providing value for free. DD suggest a technique called CATT which is basically- Content+Attention+Trust= Transaction. So when you provide quality content consistently you are able to build trust among your target audience.

Finally, do integrated digital marketing for your content to grab attention and build #masstrust which helps you to build your tribe. Integrated digital marketing is when you use SEO, email marketing, social media and paid advertising together to grow your personal brand. It is a system where you maximize your reach to the correct audience to achieve desired results. This builds trust among people and you are finally be able to sell your product.

To conclude take the first step and start producing content you are passionate about then slowly build your tribe with the help of integrated digital marketing.

Exciting right? Check out DigitalDeepak here-

XOXO, Aditi




Observer. Dreamer. Finding beauty around the world. KISS- Keep it simple, sweetheart :* Insta- @aditidreamer

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Aditi Gupta

Aditi Gupta

Observer. Dreamer. Finding beauty around the world. KISS- Keep it simple, sweetheart :* Insta- @aditidreamer

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