Lokhandwala to गुडगाँव : 1422 kms

“Where we love is home — home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts”. I guess it’s the place where your heart is, really, where your people are…. and for now it’s the Millennium city called Gurgaon. The first time I visited Gurgaon many years ago, I remember riding past the high rise condominiums & alluring villas, wondering what it may be like to live here, a decade later, here I am living a Gurgaon life.

But at heart, I am a devoted Bombay fan as I’ve spent some of my best years there. Nothing compares to this city and I never believed that I could say home to any other city after living there for 10 fulfilling years. Lokhandwala in Bombay known for its Bollywood connections was my abode there and it was indeed a Bollywoodish life there.

I had to move to Gurgaon last year with a heavy heart but being a positive person I am, I went with the flow looking for new excitement. Here I am after spending last 18 months in this Gaon, trying to compare it with my life at Lokhandwala, I decided to do yet another Mumbai (Lokahandwala) vs Delhi NCR (Gurgaon) showdown.


Made some very dear friends in Lokhandwala who were full of life, changed my perspective towards life in general and were extremely helpful. People in Bombay may be perpetually busy but they always find time for friends even if at 4a.m. in the morning. 
Gurgaon is in Haryana and that in itself says a lot ;) On a serious note, I found some warm & over-welcoming people bordering towards being intrusive. Depending on where you stay/go/shop/eat in Gurgaon, one could very much relate to them. And that’s the big difference between here & there!


Lokhandwala looks like a scene from a bollywood chic flick ;), cafes, small eating joints, colorful people & lots of drama all around. It is slightly over the top in all aspects and very much resembles a Punjabi dominated south Delhi neighborhood. Gurgaon on the other hand has such OTT behavior sprinkled across some small pockets. I stay at Golf Course Road (minus any roads) which is supposedly a cool place. It has some cool hangouts like Galleria Market or CyberHub which makes you miss Bombay slightly lesser.


Street food didn’t do anything great for my tastes buds in Lokhandwala but still Sev Puri from time to time kept my craving for chaat in total control. 
Gurgaon on the other hand is a food heaven, but then doesn't North India holds a cult following as far as food is concerned. Everyone in Bombay is on Diet mostly so they don’t care much about food any ways 😄


Just one liner: Mumbai is casual & chic, Gurgaon is flashy & colorful


Lokhandwala offer value for money, anybody and everybody gets a slice in the fashion space. It has some superb amalgamation of quirky shops offering interesting accessories & fashionable stuff.
Gurgaon is somewhat expensive because of the expat population maybe. Gurgaon is the Mall capital of India as we all know but I love Galleria market for some open air shopping. I always preferred to shop in Delhi even when I lived in Bay because being a Punjabi kudi some showsha is mandatory 👠 So for me a mix has always worked. Some chic places like Khan Market, Hauz Khas Village & Shahpur Jat are a delight for any shopaholic looking for some curios.

Life in General

Lokhandwala is Safe, chilled out, easy, Bollywood, Sea, BINDAAS.
Gurgaon has BIG spaces, slightly better infrastructure, good food. One common thing about Lokhandwala & Gurgaon is that its a hub for strugglers, one aspiring for bollywood and the other looking for some tech startup glory.

Verdict: Both are winners but Mumbai wins hands down (and that’s called a biased review) ✌

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