Holding hands

To the long lost best-friend

While walking in that trodden path, her hands always searched for someone to hold them. One day he came along, caught it tightly and said, “Let’s walk together”. Not knowing where the way lead or how the end would be, she decided to hold them firmly. They walked miles together, helping each other at every step. Catching her when she slipped and helping him stand when he fell. Weariness never seemed to overcome their enthusiasm. She silently thanked god for blessing her with a best friend. Her heart smiled as she knew her hands would now never be lonely, they had that one person to hold them. They both talked, danced, sang and made endless memories on their journey. When one day suddenly, they approached a group of people and there she learned, he already had friends. He ran towards them leaving her fingers bare, hugged and caught theirs. He had a lot of people to hold his hands, little did he know that she only had him. She started walking again, but this time in a different direction holding her own hands together, knowing that the only person she now had was herself. And when she turned and saw him waving a goodbye, she smiled. :)

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