A Hero

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She wanted to be a hero,
with wild, unwavering hair,
and a laugh which put even
her mother to shame.
To conquer her dreams,
sail around the world,
collecting “exotic items”,
which would be seen from afar
but never be touched.
Men were scared
to look at her eyes,
for they were prone,
to insecurity
carving them into stones.
Ha! As if she cared.
They were better as ornaments
As she grew in age,
and her hair turned into snakes,
they bit her own wrists,
coiled around them,
binding her to HIS bed,
making her HIS trophy,
to be seen from afar
but never to be touched.
Her dreams became screams,
turning to lullabies and she-
Mother supreme.
Her eyes,
they are bruised now,
for men to look and sigh
with relief.
- Aditi Agarwal