The fight between your passion and what society ( I mean, parents) asks for (see : job opportunities) has always been like a never ending boxing match. For those who don’t know where to hit next, here’s my piece of advise for you- lose.

I had Science in class 12th. After that mistake, I had promised myself that I will only do what I love and nothing else. I chose English because out of the other subjects, I understood this subject the most, so naturally I thought I loved it.

In the first semester of college, when I scored great marks, I was so proud and so sure that I had finally found my passion. Well, along with giving me a satisfaction that I was naturally good at something, it also made me lazy. My ( so-called) passion made me lazy. Maybe, because of the fact that there wasn’t much competition but mostly because I didn’t want to study and improve myself. There, I said it.

So, to all those who think they have found their passion but aren’t working towards it everyday, to all those whose passion isn’t the first thing they think in the morning and the last thing they think at night, here’s my piece of advice : stop cheating yourself.

I was at a juncture in life when I had two roads in front of me, either to follow what I thought was my passion or to follow what the world ( I mean, parents) asked me to. Life snatched away that decision from my illusory hands and guess what? I am happy.

I am working somewhere I never thought was meant for me. There are deadlines, long working hours and work which never seems to end. But along with is is the thrill of meeting those deadlines, pushing myself and seeing how much I can handle before I say “I give up.” Thankfully, that situation hasn’t come yet. I surprise myself everyday with what I can do.It’s like I am on a bike and though I am still not perfect in riding it, I am learning something new about it, everyday.

I got lucky.

Yes, there are people who have found their passion and there are many in my friends list itself, who are working towards it everyday and they inspire me. But there are also those who leave everything to look for that golden flower.Honestly, for me the whole concept of passion has become overrated. It feels like a society-make believe that is making us incompetent and unsatisfied with our lives. To make us go in search of something which may or may not exist and make us miserable in the meantime.

So, here’s a solution..

Don’t make one thing your passion. Make life your passion. Give everything which life offers you, your 100 percent and do it with passion or don’t do it at all.Most importantly though, stop making excuses for your life.

Stop being lazy.