Daily commuting to office which is 1 hour away from place where I reside is really very tiring and boring, I usually come across stops and junctions crowded like anything with people waiting for cabs, buses, metros etc. Seeing the crowd standing and travelling in over filled public transports I realized of four vacant seats in my car and how these vacant seats could help at least few people if not all In such scorching summer.

Now the question was how I can offer my vacant seats to daily travelers? This question alarmed me to search the ideas and the ways to carpool. My idea of offering seats and searching the ways to do so, helped me to come across the Orahi app. The moment I downloaded the app I was excited to know how it works and how it could help me with filling those vacant seats of my car. When I learned about the app how it works, how rides are offered and shared I started publishing my day to day rides for the route I travel. As human beings are social animal I love socializing with new people and the Orahi app helped me making new friends, meeting new people and even my colleagues. The travel that I used to do all alone for approx 1 hour daily has now changed to travel with people who share the same route which is now full of fun compared to the days of travelling alone on same route.

All thanks to Orahi who came up with such an awesome concept of carpool. It not only helped me in making my journeys full of fun and excitement but it also gave me idea to share my travel expense with my co-travellers, which is an excellent economical concept. My journey to office will be no more tiring and filthy boring journeys rather they will be now exciting journeys with lots of joy and happiness bounding together my all concers with Orahi.

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