Open Letter to the Citizen of India

Dear Citizen,

Have you been sleeping? Or maybe you’ve been busy partying in Ibiza? Or maybe you’ve been working so hard that you just don’t have the time to see what is going on in this country. None of the above reasons are good enough to let people get away with the atrocities they are subjecting us to without — and here’s the best part — us realizing it.

Let’s take category 1. People who don’t know what’s going on and have been sleeping all this time — wake up and smell the coffee. This nation could do with more awareness and less laziness. Those of you’ll in the 2nd category, which doesn’t care about what’s happening, stop cribbing about the number of potholes or the traffic that your poor Mercedes E-Class gets stuck in every day. Stop talking about how “Is desh ka kuch hone nahi wala”. Stop talking about how unhappy you are with the government and go back to drinking your beer. The country clearly cannot expect anything from you. As for category no. 3, you know (I hope) that 20/30 odd percent of money that’s deducted from your income? That goes to the government. It’s called Income Tax. They are supposed to use it to run the country and make it a better place. Aren’t you interested in knowing what happens to YOUR money?

The extent to which corruption has infiltrated every level of the government is both shocking and disappointing. Know that those in power will not do anything to change it because it’s making their life simpler. Whose responsibility is it then? Ours. Contribute in every small way possible if you’re not ready to take on responsibility. Don’t litter the street. Don’t bribe your way out of breaking the traffic rules. Heck, don’t break the rules. Start nipping corruption in the bud. CAST YOUR VOTE.

We need more literate, sensible minds thinking for this country. And we need it now.

Yours faithfully,

A fellow Citizen.

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