The Only Way Out, Is Through

[Spoiler alert: There are way too many maxims in this post.]

So life, right? It’s surprises you, for better or for worse. Having lived for a little over 27 years, I’ve gained the cliched wisdom that even though you may think it’s for the worse, it’s for the better.

I’ve gone through a fair (I hope) share of the ‘downs’ of my life. All those big-personly, over-optimistic, look-at-the-big-picture sayings about failure building character and being the best teacher (I rolled my eyes when I was in the middle of the storm, but now I am wiser) are -I hate to admit it because I know it’s easier to be angry with the world- true. You’re forced to grow (and grow up), you’re forced to be honest with yourself, you’re forced to accept yourself, and the natural survival instinct in you uses this information in the future to protect you (See how it ties into the whole unhelpful ‘it’s for the best’ everyone says? Yes? Okay.).

I’m talking about any kind of failure. Failing an exam, a relationship, a job, your loved ones, yourself, basically what you perceive as a failure for yourself. It, whether you like it or not, leads you to a path of self-discovery. It’s definitely the road less travelled, because most people don’t seem to spend time on discovering themselves.

This path is tough, but the only way out, is through. You hold ground through the I-Can’t-Believe-This Earthquake, create a Rage-Cum-Chaos Storm inside of you, float in the Lake Of Self-Pity till you see your fingers getting all shrivelled up so you know it’s time to freestyle your way to the other end, hike the Acceptance-Trek, till you scale to the top of the Failure Mountain (last metaphor, I promise) where you have a panoramic view and can see where you started out at and how far you’ve come. Unlike other regular mountains, you don’t go down from here — there’s this special hot-air balloon that comes and picks you up.

The destination to this path is a few realizations — that ‘it happened for the best’, you’re actually relieved and glad it happened because that hot air balloon probably took you to your Disneyland (Okay, I lied about it being last metaphor), your endurance for the next peak you need to scale (Rest assured, you WILL have to scale it) is way higher, among others.

I’ll let you in on a secret. How long you take to get through it depends on, and get this, y..o..u! You’re your open ground to the earthquake, shelter to the storm, edge to the lake, stamina to the hike, AND the hot air balloon itself.

So ladies and gents, breathe easy, keep doing and try getting to that hot-air balloon as soon as you can. Because.. here comes another one.. whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.

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