​​It took me three rejections from the same place to get myself into it.

Its not just a black and white image. Its the path that is very difficult cross , but also the one that would help you in reaching heights. Yes, it is the fact. Even I have stepped into it. Had almost given up once I entered it. But the dream that I could see was fading, forced me to keep going.

Once I started with my culinary school, I wanted to work in a 5-star Hotel. I wanted to get the job on my own. I wanted to prove to myself that I can do it.

So as soon as I stared, I applied in the hotel.

First time — No response.

Second time — We don’t need anyone new.

It got on my nerves. I got very frustrated. Didn’t know what to do. Just knew that I have to get it somehow.

I worked very hard. Day and night went in processing on how to get better and better.

Almost at end of second Semester I applied again.

Received an email — You aren’t qualified to get this job.

I lost all my hopes. I didn’t know what to do. I had promised my dad that I would get a job at least a month before graduating. I had 2 months left. I had two options — either quit and be a failure or work very hard and try to get the job.

I decided to opt for the second option.

My day started at 5am and ended by 10pm. The whole time just went in improving myself. Under the guidance of my school chefs, I improved a lot. They appreciated my work and then I decided to apply again.

Wasn’t hoping to receive to receive any calls or email from them.

And it happened, I was preparing for my written exam and phone was kept aside. A voicemail pops up. After listening to the voicemail, the phone just fell and I was in tears. I called back the Assistant HR , fixed my date for the interview, went and gave my interview. My only aim in the interview was to impress by not making them meet a fake person but a original me. It took two interviews to finalise everything. BUT I got it. Yes I got it. All this gives a very dramatic feeling but it is the fact plus I am a Drama Pâtissier.

I am now one of the pastry chefs working with Fairmont hotels.

Quitting isn’t the best thing to do. You quit one activity and you are prone to quit all the other things you do. Be strong and don’t be a quitter.

My mantra is we should rule the problems and not the vice versa.

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