#ZeroInboxChallenge2016 : Stay wired & dangerous in 2016!

Aditi Ramesh
Dec 31, 2015 · 2 min read

I wrote this for my fellow entrepreneurs, startup folk and girlfriends who have the potential to be efficient AF in the upcoming year and absolutely kill it!

Tomorrow is Next Year. It seems appropriate that we make some resolutions. Here are some of mine that aren’t too private to post and some suggestions:

0 Crave a #ZeroInbox ! Cut out the fat and the loose ends. Stay efficient on email/texts/tinder and I promise your productivity will sky rocket. #ZeroInboxChallenge2016

The guidelines are simple: Talk to the people you want to. Those who want to reach out, will. Don’t force conversation. Treat your inbox as a to do list. Stay at peace, stay at inbox zero.
Disclaimer: Screen shot important shit.
And if you’re really daring and want to step this up a notch, set your phone to airplane mode every night before you sleep.

Productivity hacks are the bomb. If you do indeed indulge in the #ZeroInboxChallenge2016 post proof up on yo insta! I’d love to hear about your progress, just ping me on twitter! @tweetsramesh or email me at deets.ramesh@gmail.com :)

1Practice emotion regulation, the process of influencing the way emotions are felt and expressed.

2 Say no when you need to. Say yes when you know you should. Practice integrity in keeping your promises.

3 Drink coffee, create stuff & sleep!

4 Increase your emotional control. When you make a decision and you know it’s the best one for you, don’t swing back. Jump off the everlasting pendulum.

5 Be honest with yourself and in turn be honest with other people. Tell the truth but practice emotional intelligence. #ItsTotallyAThing

6 Plan a trip for this summer out of the country and use up your vacation days.

7 Dive deep into data. Get really frickin’ excited about a particular topic and just learn everything you can about it.

8 Figure out your next career move. Move to a new city & test your strengths and weaknesses.

9 Ask friends, strangers and your crushes out on dates. Being single is cool though.

10 Be upfront, be efficient AF and stay wired and dangerous.

#NewYearsResolution2016 #ZeroInboxChallenge2016

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