How to find the best fertility or IVF clinic?

You gave your education and career priority and got married late and when you are ready for a child you find out that you cannot concieve naturally! 
What do you do now? You feel you are already late and time is running out. This adds to ones stress. And there is always that element of family pressure.
Stress not, you will realise that you are not alone and your next step should be to find the best fertility clinic. And how do you do that ? We have all your answers.

First and foremost lets talk of when one would require to visit a fertility clinic. 
Inability to conceive after one year of regular unprotected intercourse.
Over the age of 35 for a woman, this should be regarded as a period of 6 months of infertility despite regular intercourse. Because at that age one cannot wait for a year just to adhere to a strict criteria for a diagnosis to be established while doing nothing nothing for the diagnosis.
Irregular cycles. Are you ovulating ? Are you not? If yes, When ? Visit the experts.
Your physician or gynaecologist has done some prior tests which may be abnormal and you are told that you may need to visit a fertility specialist. Say for example an abnormal ultrasound of the pelvis – 
Polycystic ovaries, Fibroids, Endometriosis or intrauterine adhesions.
An abnormal semen analysis
Blocked tubes on hysterosalpingogram. (HSG)
A low Anti mullerian hormone (AMH)
Either of you may be a smoker or may consume alcohol.
If you have coital difficulties like Erectile dysfunction, Premature ejaculation, Inability to ejucalate or pain during intercourse.
You are beyond 35 years of age and are married but you do not know when you want to have children and freezing your embryos is a viable option. 
You want to freeze your eggs. 
Either one of you have been detected with a genetic abnormality that can be trasmissable and you want to be sure your offspring isnt affected. Here a prenatal genetic diagnostic test (PGD)can be performed and an unaffected embyro can be selected and transferred in utero. 
You want to perform Prenatal Genetic Screening (PGS) on your embryos.

Next in line comes how to choose which centre would best cater to your needs.
Educate yourself. Know your problems and inabilities. Understand the tests that have been performed or need to be performed. 
Read! The internet has a lot of information to provide. Use it!
Do your research. Most fertility centres would have their own website which would indicate the facilities offered and testimonals of their patients. Educate yourself about the various infertility treatments available, a gist of how they are performed. Ensure the clinic has a good quality control system, if it is certified by various regulatory bodies. Ensure that they have a good code of ethics and affiliation with legal experts for issues that may arise with IUI- Donor, Donor eggs or surrogacy. You could phone the centre and get all your queries answered. Newspaper ratings are a good indicator oh how efficient a fertility centre may be. Always have an idea the costs involved so you are financially prepared before you start any treatment.

It is advisable to a research in your residing city before considering out station Fertility Doctor. Mumbai has been the most preferred city for fertility and ivf treatments. You can look for top fertility clinics in mumbai.

You can look at the various options of fertility treatments offered here at an affordable cost.