Shared Element Transition : Having a view that moves from one activity to another in a smooth motion.

Let’s say you have more than one view to do a shared element transition in your app , how do you do it in Kotlin ?

Below are code snippets for Java and Kotlin

Example :

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Shared element transition for image from Grid item to Details page

Java way :

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Kotlin way:

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Are you one of those who want to try Kotlin but are not sure whether jump in and try?

This post should help you make your decision — to go all in or if you want to experiment with it first.

  • Kotlin is a concise language that can drastically reduce boilerplate code when done correctly.
  • It focuses on type and null safety while maintaining readability.
  • Kotlin focuses on being lightweight and totally interoperable with Java making it perfect for Android application development
  • Kotlin 1.1 support from Java 1.6 — Most of the legacy Android or Backend Project are supported.

So what do the developers say :

  • “It’s really incredible how much we can pare down without sacrificing readability” — Christina Lee, Pintrest (https://youtu.be/xRDqDe4rxkM) …

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This article is about how one can improve and learn to build better android apps. I’d like to share with you some of the learnings / resources that helped me along the way.

Improve your performance with Android Studio using shortcuts

Here is a collection of the best tips for Android studio https://plus.google.com/u/0/collection/wtO0PB

Use Live templates to save time : Write methods or loops from an abbreviation.

Eg.: fbc + Enter -> findViewById with cast

A amazing list of live templates to try out:

You can use your own custom templates. Here is a great article by Reto Meier. You can find more details at IntelliJ IDEA documentation.

Tools to use alongside Android studio while debugging your apps

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