Flipkart Supermart

A new category for household groceries within our apps

Adit Gupta
Jan 5, 2018 · Unlisted

Problem #1: Basket building

We identified our target segment as urban professional families with a core need to save on monthly stock-ups. Hence, building habit forming loops to boost orders per customer and average order value for sustainable unit economics was a huge focus in our MVP.

Recommendations were also an important lever in our experience since most of our studies pointed at impulse buying behaviour during grocery shopping. In order to have a healthy order value, we created various “Recommendation triggers” across the funnel.

These triggers were built with strong guidelines around relevance, context and non-intrusive layouts patterns.

Problem #2 — Seamless within our core experience

Since grocery was a unique experience within our apps, it needed to coexist with our other core e-commerce flows. One of them was checkout and order management. Hence, we needed a lightweight basket view which extended our design language to showcase marketplace products (like mobiles) in cart.

We achieved this easily by extending our design system to showcase a scrollable set of images instead of a single image for a basket. This design helped us ship a coherent basket experience in our Cart, Checkout and Order management/tracking flows.

The Basket checkout flow within our core e-commerce experience



Adit Gupta

Written by

Product Design @Flipkart | Previously @Housing

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