Navigation design system

A singular design system for all our mobile platforms to reduce fragmentation & enable cross-platform development.

Adit Gupta
Jan 5, 2018 · Unlisted


  1. Our fragmented design system required a lot of rework in order to launch across platforms
  2. Move our back focus on solving problems rather than adapting solutions across devices. Thus reducing our lead time between shipping across our iOS, Android and mobile site to almost ZERO
  3. Engineering stack shift toward React Native needed a corresponding cross-platform design thinking
  4. Building a system that is modular and accommodates for data-driven experimentation

Solving for fragmentation

A truly cross-platform navigation system needs to embrace constraints & empowers all our mobile platforms like Chrome, iOS and Android.

Modular by design

Our design system is designed to scale with categories & contexts in order to enable experimentation right out of the box.

Examples of how our modular components help quick iterations and experimentation.

This project is still under active development and evolution. We’re still assessing it’s impact w.r.t. each platform and how it changes key metrics vital to our business as a whole.


Adit Gupta

Written by

Product Design @Flipkart | Previously @Housing

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