A quick cartoon before we begin?

Trust thy user.

Lessons for Product Owners and Interaction Designers

I trust my users.

A. When users don’t understand critical elements of your experience.

A lot of times we leave our users in the dark trying to figure stuff out on their own. In their ambitious quest for understanding your app they inevitably create junk or unwelcome content.

B. When users don’t have clear incentives to create quality content.

Great content apps typically use two techniques to incentivise their users.

C. When power users can’t teach by example.

Face it. Power users are the only family your early-stage product has! They help nurture your pixels and code into a quality content platform. Hence, it’s really important that such power users feel important and special in our app.


In conclusion, if there is one lesson from this essay I’d like you to take back home, It is this —




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