Why we used Emojis and Swipes to build a feedback tool; Sentiments :)

“Sentiments” is a tool you can use to get feedback from your users and for the first time they will love to give it.

Sentiements.me — Visually immersive feedback


It is a mobile first i.e. built to give you an excellent experience on Mobile
2 options to get feedback; Swipes for (Yes/No) and Emojis for ratings
You can add unlimited questions and send it to unlimited people, For Free

The logic of building Sentiments was

The favourite medium of content consumption today is Facebook
Content comes in cards and the one which has the right visual cues gets consumed the most
The favourite means of expression today are Swiping (for Yes/No) courtsey Tinder
And Emojis :) :( :D :P have become the favourite medium of expression

How to build a Sentiments Page

  1. Choose your type (Swipe or Emoji)

2. Add your Title

3. Add an image (from your desktop, Mobile or you can click one from your mobile camera) and text for the first question

4. Add another Question if you want to (Unlimited questions can be added)

5. Preview your Sentiments page

6. Publish it

7. Distribute and “Get Sentiments

Sentiments — mobile screenshots
The best part thing about “Sentiments” is that it is Industry and use case Agnostic

Some of our favourite use cases for the same are

Experimental Fun consumer use cases

  1. Sharing your trip photos (which ones are the best)
  2. Which selfie can I put as my DP
  3. Which clothes to buy while shopping
  4. A cute proposal for your girlfriend :P
  5. A cool way to pitch your idea
  6. An awesome medium to give a presentation, and take feedback on every slide
Swipe based feedback

Business use cases

  1. Photographers — Share your clicks to see which ones your TG like the best
  2. Designers — Share your latest creations and get instant feedback
  3. Fashion — What style would be in vogue,
Swipe based for designs

Industry agnostic Personalised Recommendations -

  1. Content
  2. Fashion
  3. Travel
Emoji based for personalisation

Industry Agnostic Feedback

  1. Ecommerce
  2. Food Delivery
  3. Cab Services
  4. Peer to peer networks
  5. SAAS based businesses
  6. Educational institutions — Student Teacher feedback
  7. Physical retail stores — Feedback link in bill (message/mail which goes to customer) — Scan based solutions/ QR code solutions
Swipe based feedback for Customers

Market Research

  1. Brands
  2. MBA Colleges

Opinion polls

Trending Topics Engagement

Sentiments is currently in beta as we want to see how people interact with it and what suggestions do they have for us, for future development.

Do let us know your feedback and if Sentiments helped you understand what you customers expect from you better.

If you want to write about Sentiments, partner with us or talk to us in detail, Please get in touch at Aditya@diky.co or Hello@sentiments.me
Try Sentiments here