We are now.
But what is a distance?
Is it a value or perception?
You were standing at an arms length,
I could extend my hand and grab yours,
But you were a world apart,
I traveled the world around and found you.
You are a dot, dot one.
I am dot, dot two.
We connect the dots and make a line.
Do we call it the distance?
The length of the line? Is that correct? Is that fine?
Distance between us is the twice the height of the wall.
Standing between. Unbent. Unmoved.
We’ll break it. We’ll move it.
This shall move. This shall fall.
Just a mere wall.
We are the epitome of love. We carry an energy.
Energy to move the world keeping us apart.
Ability to find in each other in the chaos.
I can see you and I am calling your name.
If you can hear me, follow the voice. You’ll find me. You’ll find my love for you.
My eagerness to get a glance of that smile.
We have traveled along. A distance. In a line or a circle.
Does it matter? Does it matter at all?
Holding hands, staring in your eyes. We’ll get through this too. The wall, keeping us apart. We’ll break it down, this too shall fall.